Eternals will be released on 5th November 2021

Eternals-Mightiest Superheroes of the Galaxy

In may 2021 Marvel gave us the glimpse of the new breed of Super heroes coming to save the earth. Avengers are devastated by the death of Iron Man and the retirement of Captain America. We need a new team to save us from the threats of the outer world.

So, who are these Eternals. Eternals were created by Celestials to save humanity from there evil counterpart, The Deviants. They are living on earth for 7000 years. They were instructed by the celestials not to interfere in any matter of earth until deviants are involved.

After Hulk snapped his fingers with the Infinity Gauntlet, an emergence started resulting conflicts between Deviants and humans which led the Eternals to intervene.

Eternals are extremely powerful beings capable of doing almost anything. Every one of them have distinguished powers. It should have been really amzing to see them fighting Thanos alongside the Avengers.

Well, Marvel have some other plans. The 2nd trailer of Eternals seems very promising. It will also answer the question WHY ETERNALS NOT INTERVENED WHEN THANOS ATTACKED EARTH. Lets keep our fingers crossed and wait for its release.



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