Fat loss vs Weight Loss

One of the biggest concern we are facing these days is our oversize belly. It has become a topic of international debate. Many youngsters as well as Amateurs are facing this severe problem. People are investing millions of dollars a year to control this menace. But there is a catch in the solutions offered in the web.

Fat loss and Weight loss are two different things. People often mix up these two different phenomenon. Although both are related to some extent. Both are equally dangerous. But, people have different priorities about both of them.

A pro bodybuilder wants to loose extra fat but not weight. They don’t want lean muscularity. Instead they want to become huge and more muscular. Strength training is basically used to attain this body structure. Most fitness enthusiasts consider loosing fat rather then weight. The major reason for that is when we loose weight we also loose muscularity and strength. Whereas when we loose fat, it helps in developing muscles. Fat loss helps in developing a overall body structure but weight loss not only reduces our muscle size but can create many physical hazards.

Although weight loss have some negative impacts, we cannot deny it’s benefits. When we loose weight we become more active physically. Carrying lots of weight can be very tiring. Our breathing changes we are over weight. Shedding some extra kilos always help. It regulates high sugar, improves immunity, improves our mood, etc.

To conclude, both weight loss and Fat loss are equally important for a healthy mind. Excess of both are harmful. We must indulge ourselves in a balanced fitness regime to reduce both Weight and Fat accordingly.

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