Daddy’s little girl

Having a baby girl is a blessing from God. On 9th November 2018 i was blessed by God. My baby Jia came into my life. I think this is the happiest moment for any parent. Arrival of babies completes our family.
Raising a baby is a complex task. You never know what’s gonna happen next. Sometimes babies cry for 2 hours straight. Babies have a very unpredictable nature. They can be completely rigid sometimes. Babies are also attention seekers. This means they need complete attention of their parents all the time.
The best thing i have learned in these 3 years is the development of brain in babies. Babies are exceptionally sharp minded. They learn things very fast. The best part about babies is that they don’t need to be taught. They learn by observing things.
My daughter learned drinking water from a cup when she was 7 months old. She used to observe us while we drink and got the idea. Babies always look towards their parents to learn something. It’s always better to behave accordingly in front of the baby as he can learn that behaviour from us.
One more thing is that we should never use abusive language in front of babies. Babies are very quick learner. Abusive language and behaviour have a very negative impact on a kid. Kids are very soft heated. Displaying this kind of behaviour will end the pureness of their heart. We should always teach good etiquette's and manners to our children.
Babies are like pot. They can form any shape as we want. We should always behave in front of babies. The more we behave the better our babies Will become.


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