Surviving parents expectations

2 min readOct 1, 2021


From the last few years i am suffering from a unique disease. It is the one which has shattered the dreams of many of us. And not just me, it is the most complicated phenomenon of our society. However, if we tackle it with patience and determination we can still overcome this problem.

All parents expect something from us. Specially in India where parents are the key decision maker for our life. Starting from What stream to chose is school to Which girl is suitable for us. We have to adhere to our parents advice. There is no other option for us but to answer there call or listen to there SONGS throughout the life.

My dream was to become an Actor and Writer. I have been writing since i was in school. Some of my poems were even published in school books. But my parents had something else in mind. They convinced me to take Science as Arts was considered for unworthy students. I failed twice in 11th standard and was ultimately expelled from school.

Well that’s enough about my exceptional achievements. My point of writing my own testimony is that i want you guys to know that although your parents love you the most, sometimes there advice can kill or destroy your future.

So, how to tackle there expectations. First thing you should do is to tell them your priorities. Its always good to express yourself to your parents. Let them know What Do You Want. Your parents always think about your future. Tell them What your plans are. How you can achieve them. Convince them that This is Best For You. Once they are satisfied they will always support your every move.

Second thing is Prove your theory with real life examples. Parents are always interested in Whats Going On In The Society. They always give example of successful people. In order to win there trust give examples of people who are doing excellent job in there desired fields. World is full of people who have achieved success in their desired fields. This will encourage them to support you even more.

Third thing is to show your little success to them. Until or unless you earn anything, your parents will never be satisfied. So, in order to make them believe in yourself, share your success with them. No matter how small it is, they will accept it with warm heart. Plus this will give them some hope about your future.

You should always remember that your bright future is your parents biggest desire. No matter what they say or how they react, they will always think about your well being. So talk to them. Before they starts thinking about your future, let them know you have already decided and wants there full support in achieving your dreams. Believe me, it will work as a wonder.

Well this is it. Please let me know how you guys liked it.





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