Why we need Iron man

Where is our Iron Man

I started watching Marvel Movies back in 2008 when A Billionaire Philanthropist Playboy saved the day. It was the first time a character so mean and arrogant becomes a superhero and won the hearts of millions of people around the world. Fast forward to Avengers Endgame, the same mean and arrogant super hero sacrificed himself to save the humanity.

Iron man was not just a super hero. He was the back bone of Marvel Cinematic Universe. And, the true leader of Avengers. Steve Rogers aka Captain America was indeed a great leader but It was Tony Stark who always saved the day. Be it first Avengers Movie or Avengers Endgame. He had a clear vision of how to defend humanity from the imminent threats coming from outside the world.

Real world is not so different from cinematic world. Although we don’t have the same enemy but the danger for humanity is still there. The recent attack and takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban is a perfect example of my point. Innocent people are getting slaughtered. Women are being targeted and raped. They need there Iron Man. Someone who can save humanity from this threat. Where are the United Nations. Are they working like Shield.

I know all these arguments are not possible in actual life. But you can’t deny the fact that both fiction and reality has some similarity. The world needs there Iron Man. Not to fight Thanos off course, but the evil terrorists of Taliban who are doing the same horrific things as the mad titan.

Hope you guys share the same thoughts as mine. Please comment to improve my knowledge and writing.


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